Adobe PhotoShop 12.1 CS5.5 App-V

I have taken Adobe PhotoShop from the CS5.5 Master Collection and made a seperate App-V.  Reason being, some folks use only PhotoShop for their business needs. 

Started with a Vanilla Windows 7 32bit OS on my VMWare Workstation off the network.  Copied Media over to the machine and launched App-V Sequencer 4.6 Sp1.  From here I give its name and then launch the EXE and choose only Photoshop be installed.  The other required parts will follow. I also baked the Activation code into the App-V so I am not prompted again for this.

Upon finishing the Sequenced program, there will be multiple OSD files when doing a generic install.  You will have an OSD for Adobe Bridge, Adobe Bridge CS5.1, Adobe Device Central CS5.5 3.5.0, Adobe ExtendScript toolkit CS5.5, Adobe Extension Manger CS5.5, SwitchBoard Server (32bit), and Adobe PhotoShop CS5.1 12.1.0.  You will haveyour Folder for the Icons and your XML.  Also one .SFT and one .SPRJ.

I left everything generic and tested pushing via SCCM.  Launch without error and no issue at all.


About kcmoboss

I am from the USA and do consulting work in the IT Industry. Mostly deal with Installshield, AdminStudio, and Microsoft Application Virtualization. Also work in SCCM 2007 and 2012
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2 Responses to Adobe PhotoShop 12.1 CS5.5 App-V

  1. Anand says:

    I have sequenced adobe Robohelp 8.0, I have staged, application lauches fine for first time…
    second launch throughs error as Robohelp stopped working

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